Front Cover - issue 4 (PSP)

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Gold was the most important commodity in the world in the distant past, it is today, and will be till the end of time. It is more important than emeralds, diamonds, pearls, oil, money, and even life itself. Gold feels lustrous and magical, and is as smooth and warm as the body of a young virgin. The whole world lives for the opulence and majesty of gold.

Gold, however, has an ancient secret known only to a select few. This, indeed, is the hidden and alluring power, power beyond your wildest imagination that allows gold to bloom as if it were a real and living entity. Will it allow this secret to be shared, or will it keep its secret hidden in the Cimmerian abyss forever?

Soitan believes he can smoke out the secret and use it for his own brutal purpose, but, hot on his heels, Esta has the task of terminating his plan. And so Soitan and Esta are thrown into an inexorable quest through ancient civilisations to hunt for the secret. However, unbeknown to them both, dark and sinister forces scrutinise their moves every step of the way.

In the middle of their private and bitter personal war, despondency hits Esta like a sledgehammer; then Jamie throws her a delicate lifeline. Will she accept his offer or will she succumb to Soitan’s modus operandi?


Front Cover - issue 2

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Stone was the most important building material in the world in the distant past; it is today, and will be forever.

But stone has a primordial secret.

Nick believes he can track down the secret and use it for his own barbarous purpose, with an expert team aiding him. Tracking his spoor, Esta has the mission of snuffing out his stratagem, assisted by a key friend. And so the teams are launched into an unrelenting crusade through ancient civilisations to lure the secret out into the open, whilst trying to evade or kill each other.

However, unknown to them both, a dark and ominous cabal scrutinise them every step of the way, setting evil scenarios and deadly traps in their paths. They too crave the secret.

Who will win this quest, and what will be their prize?

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