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The Essence of my Writing

My aim as a writer is to involve you emotionally, and to ignite the flames of enjoyment, adventure and learning, and to take you into a mysterious world. My stories sometimes touch on famous legends, legendary characters and locations, with fact and fiction bound seamlessly together, and interwoven with a modern twist into a unique plot. All the characters are archetypal, with the main ones thrown into extraordinary circumstances.

My career as a design engineer took me into situations that were very creative, sometimes explosive and emotional, while my interests have occasionally been downright dangerous. I have tried to bring the creativity that was my lifeblood, as well as the emotion and danger, to my writing.

Powerful characters drive the plot inexorably in my ancient history thrillers that include both contemporary themes and a hint of the supernatural.



My novel, The Secret of Gold, is now published on Amazon as a Kindle version, but you can also download it to most types of hardware with a free app from Amazon.


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Fife Writes

Fife Writes is a new writing group set up by Create in Fife in association with Fife Cultural Trust. We have 145 members, many of whom are professional or budding writers, comedians, editors, musicians, performers, photographers, poets, publishers, one actor, one artist and one composer - so a broad range of talent. And, of course, our other members just like to be entertained. We actively encourage networking - after our events we email a Network List from the event.

You are cordially invited to our fifth free Fife Writes Event on Thursday 7 August at 8 p.m. in The Woodside Hotel in Aberdour, where the theme will be Music, Verse and Stories. We are very lucky to feature Noel Mason, Tom Hubbard, Suit and Pace, as well as Sairbanes who will provide music.

Please contact me at for details and to book for you and your friends.

Hope to see you there.

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